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Passionate about helping businesses build stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships with their employees? You'll love it here.

Why Blue Ocean

We’re looking for the right kind of people to join the team.
People who are as excited as we are to provide better employee benefits that enables business to thrive.
Superstar customer service

Only Superstars
Need Apply

We've got very high standards. Our clients expect nothing less than superhuman levels of expertise, attention-to-detail, integrity, and customer service.

We don't just hire great people. We hire super-heroes. People prepared to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Talented, customer-focused individuals looking for a career more than simply a paycheck.

Superstar customer service

Everyone On
The Same Page

We're dedicated to making sure every member of the team has the information they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Our Team Meetings are designed to bring everyone up to speed and share key aspects of the business across the organization.

Superstar customer service

We Lead By
Our Own Example

As a company devoted to providing great employee benefits, we lead by own own example.

Our own competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Open Positions

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