Federal, State, & Carrier Compliance

We can help you find your way out of the regulatory maze.

Federal & State Compliance

Do you have an SPD that complies with ERISA? If so, do you know where it is and how long ago your updated it?

Let’s face it – the Feds and your state regulators like to make things complicated regarding employee benefits. If you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself facing some stiff penalties under ERISA or other Federal laws.


With a formal plan, some proactive steps and guidance from from us, you can make compliance worries a thing of the past.

We can help you narrow-in on what areas need careful consideration, and give you peace of mind for the things you have firmly under control. Click here to download the first three pages of a checklist for small employers (get in touch with us to receive the other 7 pages – or a version specifically for larger employers).

ACA Adherence and Interpretation

Despite what our politicians may or may not want, the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land.

So even though some deadlines have been delayed and some reporting is becoming less relevant, all businesses need to stay vigilant that they follow this law and all the regulations that have come out of it until and unless it is repealed.

We can help you stay on top of the ACA, while at the same time doing only what is necessary and prudent.

Many providers in the HR Capital space saw the ACA as a way to make money by offering expensive services to handle to the paperwork and by scaring clients into believing the law is impossible to follow.

Its not exactly simple, but with expert guidance from us you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

We can help you choose vendors or provide detailed instructions on how to do much of the ACA reporting in house.

Our member portal provides automatic 1094/1095 generation, for example.

And our team has access to experts for those questions that are really tricky and require interpretation or even what may require a legal ruling.

While we aren’t lawyers, we have enough experience to advise you when you might need one – as well as the type of legal professional you’d need to consult.

Responsibilities To Plan Members

COBRA, PHI, HIPAA and all the other acronyms that your HR department loves to hate can mean trouble for you should an employee have conflict, or leave under unpleasant terms.

You CAN protect yourself by understanding the proper offerings and forms you need to provide – and by knowing when to get involved in a medical matter and when to stay away.

You can consider that, as far as your corporate medical plan is concerned, your ‘customers’ are your employees.

You need to know the rules about how to interact with them under all kinds of circumstances. What you can say and do – and what you cannot.

We have pre-approved forms, legislative briefs, guides, and a whole lot of know-how on what to say to and give your employees.

According to many of our clients, this is one of the most valuable benefits of a relationship with us – the ability to run a scenario by our team and get expert guidance and advice.

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