Stop Drowning In A Sea Of Paperwork

Our online benefits & HR management portal manages your benefits and HR needs from one convenient location.

A free service for all our clients.

Online Benefits Management Portal

Simplify employee benefits management, tracking, onboarding, and admin.

It may be 2021, but for many small to medium-sized businesses their HR systems and processes are disjointed and still managed on paper – with all the headaches and chances of human error that implies.

As a result, many organizations waste time “chasing paper,” rather than on more productive matters — pursuing new business, working with clients, or growing your team.

In addition, many small and medium-sized employers don’t offer benefit packages as robust as competitors – even when many ancillary options can be offered at no cost to the employer. What often keeps employers away are transactional and administrative challenges, rather than hard dollar costs.

Now there’s a better way: Our online employee benefits management portal.

Our portal centralizes and streamlines the management of all your HR and benefits functions from your web browser.

The system works with any modern PC or Mac. There’s no software to install, manage, or update.

With powerful features such as integrated billing and payroll, 1094-C/1095-C reporting, and built-in COBRA administration, the portal is your all-in-one HR tool that saves time and reduces errors.

Setting up and managing employee accounts in our portal is a breeze – because we do it all for you!

We set up all your employee accounts, data, plans, and forms. We provide comprehensive training for both administrators as well as employees.

If anyone has a question or issue, the Blue Ocean crew are here to help out.

The portal is a free-to-use service for all our clients, but is totally optional. If you already have an in-house system for benefits admin – or simply don’t want to use our system – that’s fine.

But we think that once you see how easy it makes management and admin, you’ll be anxious to move your benefits administration online and escape the mountains of paper forms filled out by hand.

Simplified Benefits Administration

The Blue Ocean Portal makes it easy for employers to organize and present all their benefit offerings to employees.

By including informational tools – detailed plan descriptions, premium contributions, video content, useful website links, carrier instructions, etc. – the portal helps employees understand the available benefits and choose the ones that are best for them.

The result is less work for you (since employees enter their data themselves) and reduced questions to the benefits administrator.

Online Enrollment

During Open Enrollment and for mid-cycle qualifying life events, employees can compare available plans and make their benefit elections through the portal using a shopping cart experience. A wizard-like interface walks the employee through the various steps of the enrollment process, providing explanation and prompting for required information at each step.

Administrators can track each employee’s progress and easily send out reminders to employees who have not completed their enrollment. Upon completion of the process, all the necessary enrollment forms are automatically generated and signed by the employee via electronic signature.

The completed forms are error-free and ready to be sent to the carrier for processing and automatically saved to the employee’s permanent personnel file. For certain carriers, enrollment data can be sent automatically via an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) feed, eliminating the need for paper forms!

Employee Onboarding & HR Administration

Employers can select standard (W-4, I-9, W-9) and custom onboarding documents to present to new hires. Employees simply enter the necessary information into the system. All onboarding documents are then automatically generated by the system, ready to be signed with the employee’s electronic signature.

The information is saved as part of the employee’s permanent personnel file. Documents can easily be updated to reflect changes to an employee’s personal data.

Optional HR functions include PTO tracking, Time & Attendance tracking, and Job/Applicant tracking.

Improved Compliance

The portal will generate your 1094-C and 1095-C forms as required by the ACA.

Integrated Billing

Several leading carriers are integrated billing partners. With this feature, administrators can generate and download bills based on up-to-date benefits enrollment data already saved in the portal.

No more waiting months for carriers to process adjustments for employees who were recently added to or removed from the plan. Your bill always reflects your current enrollment! Our portal also includes enhanced reporting to help you analyze costs by employee, benefit type, subgroup, or workplace location.

Integrated Payroll

The system also integrates with leading payroll providers such as ADP and Paylocity.

Payroll schedules, salaries, and employee deductions are automatically sent to the payroll platform to ensure timely and accurate processing.

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