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Plan Strategy and Tactics

Most brokers will tell you all they need is a census and your zipcode to create a benefits plan for your business.

Technically, they are right. But the old computer saying of Garbage In, Garbage Out still applies. We believe that, to do the job properly, we need to know more than just your rates or basic plan design.

We want to know how you got to where you are. What changes did you make last year?  Why did you make those changes?  Were the reasons cost-related, or did you want to improve your plan?  How much more (or less) do your employees pay now compared to two years ago and how do they feel about it?

Why do we want to know this? Because there are thousands of plan designs available. Our aim is to pick or design the right ones for you that are the lowest possible cost. We use our expertise to help you, not just use our time to crank out proposals.

Did you know that mid-size (50-500 employees) carrier reps routinely decline to quote 50% or more of the groups submitted?

The quality of the submission by a broker or consultant has a significant influence as to whether the carrier even releases a quote. When you let a broker (or multiple brokers) flood the market with a bad submission, you inevitably receive bad responses in return.

We believe our job is to sell YOU to the CARRIER – not the other way around.

The goal is to have an Underwriter want you as their client. If they want your business, they will propose a new price or renewal that is competitive and attractive. The end result is that you – and your employees – are the winners of the exchange.

So, yes, we will ask you for your current contract terms and provisions, as well as recent rate and claim history if you have them. And we will want a bunch of data that helps us do our job of number-crunching and plan comparisons. But in the end, we want to know what your goals are for, and design the best way to help you get there.

Plan Administration and Employee Assistance

Onboarding, Open Enrollment, and ongoing enrollment issues are a big part of our business. And everyone thinks they are the best at it.

Many of our employees have experience on the wholesale side of this business. That means many of us have worked behind the scenes for your broker or consultant.

One thing we know for sure is pretty much every consultant says the same thing about their service:  “We’re the best.” What’s more, they think it’s their service that differentiates them from other brokers or consultants.

Sure, we can boast our customer service is better than many providers out here. We know that because our clients tell us. But we also realize you won’t know that until you’re a client.

So we can only tell you that it is a minimum for us that you get 100% of our effort when it comes to service and support. Many things others consider as being “your job” we believe to be our responsibility. Many clients are pleasantly surprised by how easy we make the process.

So when we call a carrier, for example, we are executing on what is best for YOU and your company.

We will have that tough conversation with an employee, so you don’t have to. And we will always try to make you look good to your employees – or your boss.

We believe we are here as an extension of you. That when we act as though we work for you, everything just naturally falls into place.

Just like our competitors, we believe our service is the best. But it’s not just us – our clients think so too.

We’d love the opportunity to prove it to you.

Federal, State, and Carrier Compliance

Sometimes it feels like you have to be an attorney just to be in business. Or hire one just to review simple rules and regulations.

In no part of your business is that more true than your insurance coverages. Fines for non-compliance for even the easy stuff like COBRA can accrue very quickly.

Do you understand the ins and outs of each item of legislation, know what you have to do – as well as the best way to do it?

The solution is easy: Work with experts like us.

We do this kind of thing every day. We have checklists and years of experience.

So we can help you find that perfect COBRA vendor or help you decide whether to do 1094 or 1095s yourself or farm it out.

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