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Helping small to medium-sized businesses keep, attract, and retain great staff through building stronger employee benefits plans.


The Employee Benefits Minefield


Finding the right employee benefits package that makes sense for your particular business can be a little like picking your way through a minefield. Insurance plan coverage and terms vary enormously depending on the insurance vendor.

Unless you have a clear path through the mess, there’s no telling what you’ll get or any guarantee that next year's plan offers the same coverage that you're getting today. Making the wrong decision can become a costly mistake – for your business or your employees.


We Help Take The Pain Away

We specialize in providing effective, affordable employer benefits to businesses with 5 – 1,000 employees. Our team of seasoned experts takes the time to learn about your business, your staff, and your goals to propose unique solutions tailored for everyones specific needs.

Our goal is to give both employers and their staff peace of mind; to provide the coverage that may save their lives and will save their financial future, should the worst ever happen.


Who We Are


We take the time to understand your particular business needs, and the needs of your staff. There's nothing "cookie-cutter" about how we work.


We work with you to get the best plan, price, carrier, and employee contribution and communication strategy to get the most out of your benefits.


Not just a middleman. We analyze rates and plans to propose alternative funding solutions that deliver lower premiums for the same coverage. 


If your company has fewer than 250 eligible employees, you’ll want to read this guide.

You'll discover:
  • 7 ways to avoid paying too much (or how to avoid getting ripped off!)
  • 7 costly myths or misconceptions
  • 8 mistakes businesses make when choosing a broker or consultant
  • The importance of value versus price and how it affects employee morale
  • Why you want an online portal for enrollment
  • 5 ways to keep the Feds and State Regulators off your back
  • 3 ways to make your employees happier for little or no money

Making Sense Of It


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